Daggerfall remake where everything is the same except 

I’m so sorry you guys, I haven’t updated in a long time.

I have been so stressed and I have no time to draw and I always feel tired as hell when I come back from classes

I’ve barely drawn anything and I am in complete artist turmoil, and I’m going to force myself back into the habit so I can finally get these commissions finished and junk

thank you all for being super supportive and a special thanks to raeraev and saltheria bc without them i would be so messed up right now, they’re the best and deserve all of the love

I’m sorry about holding the commissions back a while (though I technically only have 2 to do for 2 different people) but college is hitting me hard as heck.

They took all of my scholarship out and I won’t get it till September 28th

I have to get two more books that are $250+ for both and art supplies on top of that so I’m struggling to make ends meet and get my schoolwork done (i’ve had at least 4 breakdowns in the past week and probably more to come)

I’m so sorry for not updating or posting a lot of art or working on commissions; I’m just working on not ending my life at this moment

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